Benefits of Employee Financial Wellness Programmes

Productivity increases

Absenteeism reduces

Improved relationships.

Employees are happy and healthy.


The Employee Financial Wellness Programme is offered through:

  • Financial workshops
  • Financial coaching for individuals, couples or groups coaching
  • Financial talks at corporate wellness days

Who will benefit from the Programme?

  • Individuals seeking assistance with their personal finances;
  • Corporates who would like to equip their employees with financial wellness skills

Options available include:

  • Financial workshops or talks for groups of employees
  • Financial workshop / talk for group with follow-up individual coaching session
  • Individual coaching sessions available for employees

The financial wellness programme can be presented in combination with the following:

  • How to reduce stress caused by financial difficulty through more effective financial management and stress management
  • The impact of emotions on financial decisions and how to manage that
  • Managing finances within relationships
  • Brain profiles and the impact thereof on financial decisions
  • Financial wellness as team building activities
  • Financial wellness as part of a wellness day
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