Your employees are your biggest assets.

We take care of their financial wellbeing. 

Benefits of Employee Financial Wellness Programmes

Employees’ productivity increases resulting in a positive impact on the business’ turnover.

When employees experience less financial stress absenteeism reduces.

Financially fit employees have better relationships with colleagues.

Staff morale increases when employees are healthy and happy resulting in increased profitability.

What Our Employee Financial Wellness Programmes Offer

Personal Financial Fitness Checklists

Employees get to know their financial fitness scores, identify areas to work on and learn how to improve any weak financial areas.

Workshops and Group Coaching

We equip employees with the knowledge and skills to manage their personal finances more effectively.

Online Financial Courses

We make online courses available that employees can do in their own time and don’t need to take up time during working hours.

Financial Talks at Wellness Days

We offer talks at wellness days to empower employees with financial knowledge.

More Options Available

Who will benefit from the Programme?

  • Individuals seeking assistance with their personal finances;
  • Corporates who would like to equip their employees with financial wellness skills

The financial wellness programme can be presented in combination with the following:

  • How to reduce stress caused by financial difficulty through more effective financial management and stress management
  • The impact of emotions on financial decisions and how to manage that
  • Managing finances within relationships
  • Brain profiles and the impact thereof on financial decisions
  • Financial wellness as team building activities
  • Financial wellness as part of a wellness day

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