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How Financially Healthy is your business? Complete this quick financial health checklist and get your business’ financial health score today.

Why You Want a Financially Healthy Business

Financially healthy businesses are much more profitable and successful.

Effective financial management results in more control and less stress in your business.

With sound financial processes and controls you can prevent financial losses and fraud.

Business owners who understand and analyse their numbers can make informed decisions.

How we can Help You and Your Business

Financial Consulting Services

We analyse your business processes and financial results and help you to take your business to the next level.

Workshops and Webinars

We equip you with the knowledge to manage your business better and become more profitable.

Financial Consulting Services for Businesses

Plenty of businesses fail due to a lack of financial knowledge, ineffective financial management or poor financial decision making. Many smaller businesses cannot afford expensive financial resources or systems. Some business owners outsource their accounting / finance function but still don’t have the financial knowledge or insight to use their financial results to make better business decisions.

FinanciallyFiT Group offers the perfect solution with our Business Financial Programme specifically developed to assist small to medium size businesses with their finances. We offer financial consulting, training, accounting and tax services. Our FinanciallyFiT Group team have extensive financial experience and expertiseand include a Chartered Accountant, registered accountants and tax practitioners as well as business coaches and consultants.

Who will benefit from the Programme?

  • Small to medium businesses seeking assistance with their business finances
  • Business owners and management teams of small to medium size businesses who would like to get a better understanding of sound financial management practices and principles as well as internal financial controls
  • Business owners who don’t have a financial background and would like to become more knowledgeable with regards to business finances
  • Business owners who have outsourced their accounting / financial function but would like to have the appropriate knowledge and insight to make better financial decisions based on their financial results
  • Businesses who cannot afford to appoint financial resources but need financial expertise on an ad-hoc or regular basis

 What we can assist businesses with:

  • Financial Health Checks
  • Effective financial management (including budgeting, cash flow, debtors, creditors and debt management)
  • Independently analyzing your financial results and important financial ratios to give you professional advice
  • Assist with cash flow projections, costing, identifying key financial ratios and numbers to manage etc.
  • Implementing financial processes from transaction to financial statements
  • Enhance financial processes to be more effective and efficient
  • Enhance internal controls to build a solid financial process and system and prevent fraud
  • Review financial statements
  • Provide easy-to-use tools to use as your financial reporting system
  • Compile business plans

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