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Think of Us as Your Trusted Business Partner or Outsourced Financial Director

Working within the corporate listed financial services industry for more than a decade we have gained extensive experience how the big banks, insurance and investments companies run and manage their businesses and finances. We have ourselves started and grown 5 businesses within vastly different industries into successful businesses and therefore truly understand the unique challenges entrepreneurs face. Working with SMME’s for 6 years, we gained a thourough understanding of businesses within various industries.

Our services are complimentary to your existing accounting and finance function. Our experience include: business management, financial management, cashflow management, costing and pricing, accounting, tax, management reporting, financial statements and group consolidation, regulatory and legislative, risk management, fraud risk, system implementation and automation, project management, business valuations, growing and scaling strategies, strategy, leadership, human resources etc. We also have a big network of professionals that we collaborate with to provide you with a holistic solution. We bring this level of experience, expertise and professionalism to the table.  

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How We Help Businesses

  • Overall business strategy and business management
  • Run cost effective businesses and increase profitability
  • Improve cash flow and build strong balance sheets
  • Develop a thorough understanding of finances and financial management
  • Optimally use financial results for better informed business decision making
  • Implement effective processes and controls to create efficiencies
  • Conduct overall financial health analysis and risk assessments on your business
  • Business valuations
  • Implement growth and scaling strategies
  • Compile business plans
  • Projects and
  • Provide contract resources to fill temporary financial vacancies
  • Available for non-executive directorship roles

Why You Want a Financially Healthy Business

Financially healthy businesses are much more profitable and successful.

Effective financial management results in more control and less stress in your business.

With sound financial processes and controls you can prevent financial losses and fraud.

Business owners who understand and analyse their numbers can make informed decisions.

FinanciallyFitLife Financial Consulting

Financially stable businesses can grow and expand; and will attract funding and investors.

Financial Consulting Services for Businesses

Plenty of businesses fail due to a lack of financial knowledge, ineffective financial management or poor financial decision making. Many smaller businesses cannot afford expensive financial resources or systems. Some business owners outsource their accounting / finance function and don’t have the financial knowledge or insight to use their financial results to make better business decisions.

FinanciallyFiT Group offers the perfect solution through financial consulting and training specifically developed to assist small to medium size businesses with their finances. 

Who will benefit?

  • Small to medium businesses seeking assistance with their business finances
  • Business owners and management teams of small to medium size businesses who would like to get a better understanding of sound financial management practices and principles as well as internal financial controls
  • Business owners who don’t have a financial background and would like to become more knowledgeable with regards to business finances
  • Business owners who have outsourced their accounting / financial function but need adequate knowledge and insight to make better financial decisions based on their financial results
  • Businesses who cannot afford to appoint financial resources but need financial expertise on an ad-hoc or regular basis