Personal Finance Offerings

Obtain financial knowledge for better decision making.

Create a dream lifestyle for you and your family.

Become financially stable with less financial stress.

Become debt-free and build a wealth portfolio to retire comfortably one day.

Our Financial Wellness Programmes have been developed with the key objective to coach and train clients about the key principles of effective personal financial management and the important role financial wellness plays within overall health and wellbeing. The Programme is offered through:

  • Financial coaching for individuals, couples or groups coaching
  • Financial training / workshops
  • Financial talks
  • Blog articles and online assistance

Who will benefit from the Programme?

  • Individuals and couples seeking assistance with their personal finances

Objectives of the Programme:

  • To provide clients with the theoretical knowledge and practical application to manage their personal finances more effectively and make better financial decisions
  • To understand the financial world / markets, financial terms and principles
  • To set financial goals and compile a plan to achieve financial goals (i.e. whether it is to manage finances more effectively; to become debt free; to save money for something specific; to build a wealth portfolio; to create a better lifestyle etc.)
  • To become financially independent and to build wealth
  • To help clients to help themselves when it comes to personal finances

Options available include:

  • Follow the comprehensive financial programme (includes all modules listed below)
  • Follow a summarised financial programme (includes the first 4 modules listed below)
  • Select modules from the list below based on your needs
  • Customised sessions based on your financial situation and needs

Modules available as part of the financial wellness programmes include:

  • Financial Health Checks
  • Financial goalsetting and drafting a customised financial plan
  • Budgeting and Expense Management
  • Savings and Investments
  • Debt Management
  • Financial Products (retirement, medical aid, insurance policies, wills etc.)
  • Become Financially Independent
  • Building a Wealth Portfolio
  • Calculate your net worth and financial freedom numbers
  • Tax Returns and Tax Planning for Individuals
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