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6 Numbers You Should Know in Your Business

You can outsource your finance function or appoint financial people in your business, but as a business owner you should still know and understand your numbers. There are plenty of important numbers in your business you should know. The numbers will also differ from business to business – what might be critical for one business, might not be important for another type of business. Let us discuss the six numbers that are important for the majority of businesses.

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10 Steps to Start a Successful Business

In this webinar I share how starting a business can help you to create multiple sources of income, create wealth and ultimately create financial independence. I also discuss 10 steps how to start a successful business. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a business owner still in start-up phase, this webinar will certainly help you gain more insight in starting a small business.

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VLOG: Checklist for Invoices to be Valid Invoices

Many business owners find the invoicing process quite tedious and this is also a process that many businesses neglect. Invoicing is however a critical process for your cash flow management. Effective invoicing can certainly help you to get cash quicker into your business. It is however also important to check that the invoices you receive from suppliers etc. meet the standard requirements to ensure SARS doesn’t disallow some of your expenses causing for you to pay more tax. In this video clip I explain what a valid invoice for tax purposes should look like and contain…

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Tips to Improve Business Cash Flow

Cash flow is critical to any business despite the size or type of business. In a recent study conducted by SasFin and, businesses indicated that cash flow (or rather a lack thereof) contributes to 61% of their biggest financial stress and concerns during the current pandemic. Implementing an effective cash flow management strategy is becoming more critical now than ever before. Here are a few tips to help businesses improve their cash flow.

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