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How Will you Feel When you are Debt Free?

Debt is probably the biggest thief stealing financial freedom from people. Once in the trap of having too much debt, it becomes increasingly difficult to get out of this situation. As a result of the financial impact of the lockdown period on households, businesses and the economy, it is expected that debt levels will rise. More people will depend on debt to survive this difficult time. How can you become debt free?

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Conquer THIS economic downturn

For the majority of the population this period feels like a steep mountain to climb. Here are a few tips to help you with your financial decision making. Making informed and solid financial decisions will certainly contribute towards conquering this economic downturn.

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Opportunities Knock despite Covid-19 Crisis

Despite the financial stress, uncertainty and knock-on impact the covid-19 crisis is causing for the economy, businesses and households, there are also multiple opportunities for people to create wealth for themselves amid the crisis. Looking at history various companies that have grown into massive multi-national companies were in fact born during a time of recession.
Look beyond the challenges to see the opportunities. Here are a few opportunities to look at.

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Lockdown Financial Health Check

Lockdown did force us to slow down, to reflect on our lives and businesses / careers and to make certain adjustments. Sometimes we need to face the harsh reality and answer the tough questions, whether we like it or not.
Financial wellbeing is one aspect that comes to mind. Whether lockdown had a severe, mild or no financial impact, this is a good time to spend time on your financial wellbeing. Is your finances in order? What changes do you need to make to be in a better financial position if something like this has to happen again?

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