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Be Money Wise This December

You are going to spend money during the festive season, but try to keep within your budget. Especially this year to ensure you can recover from the financial strain the 2020 lockdown period has caused. Everything is more expensive during December and January is a long and tough month with lots of expenses as well. Enjoy the holidays but spend wisely. Here are a few saving tips for the holiday season.

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Your Wellbeing Checklist for December

Facing the chaos of a world pandemic during 2020, the thought of a December period where we can relax and recharge is certainly something to look forward to. It is time to forget about what happened in 2020 – the good, the bad and the ugly – and get ourselves ready for 2021.
Here are a few things to help you make your holiday season as smooth as possible.

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VLOG: Checklist for Invoices to be Valid Invoices

Many business owners find the invoicing process quite tedious and this is also a process that many businesses neglect. Invoicing is however a critical process for your cash flow management. Effective invoicing can certainly help you to get cash quicker into your business. It is however also important to check that the invoices you receive from suppliers etc. meet the standard requirements to ensure SARS doesn’t disallow some of your expenses causing for you to pay more tax. In this video clip I explain what a valid invoice for tax purposes should look like and contain…

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How Will you Feel When you are Debt Free?

Debt is probably the biggest thief stealing financial freedom from people. Once in the trap of having too much debt, it becomes increasingly difficult to get out of this situation. As a result of the financial impact of the lockdown period on households, businesses and the economy, it is expected that debt levels will rise. More people will depend on debt to survive this difficult time. How can you become debt free?

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Conquer THIS economic downturn

For the majority of the population this period feels like a steep mountain to climb. Here are a few tips to help you with your financial decision making. Making informed and solid financial decisions will certainly contribute towards conquering this economic downturn.

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Opportunities Knock despite Covid-19 Crisis

Despite the financial stress, uncertainty and knock-on impact the covid-19 crisis is causing for the economy, businesses and households, there are also multiple opportunities for people to create wealth for themselves amid the crisis. Looking at history various companies that have grown into massive multi-national companies were in fact born during a time of recession.
Look beyond the challenges to see the opportunities. Here are a few opportunities to look at.

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